Morgan Wilcox was born in Idabel Oklahoma in 1988. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting as well as a minor in Art History in 2012 from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Morgan plans on obtaining a Master in Paintings Conservation. She currently works with paintings and paper conservators as a pre-program intern and paints in her Rhode Island studio.

Her current body of work employs the understanding of artist’s painting materials as well as those materials used by painting conservators in order to exploit texture and the delicious character of oil paint.

Bottles of this medium or that pigment fill my painting studio. I know them all and am mesmerized by their historical accounts and creators. Stories fill my bookshelf with the records of great Masters having used and praised them; charts allow me to know now the exact refraction index of this or that color or varnish and more. The understanding of materials drives experimentation within my paintings, while taking advantage of and never surrendering archival materials and processes. Specifically, my recent work has employed an epoxy medium, a lasting archival medium generally used for repairing frames in museums, to add subtle relief in small places. In combination with epoxy, I have also taken advantage of a British painting conservation resin (MS2A) that allows a seamless transition from relief to surface.

In combination with my focus on material within my paintings, my content therein dove tails accordingly. As painting can be an illusion of anything, I prefer this illusion to be something similar to its already luscious nature. I often smear paint right over my prop if the painting is not sticky and desirable enough. I melt things to make this happen, like chocolate or gummy bears. Matching colors and adding textures and oils for shine always makes my subject’s illusion more tactile. What I aim to convey in all my paintings is a visceral and uncontrollable reaction, one that urges the viewer to touch the surface of the painting


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NYT Morgan Wilcox Beckwith


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