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Morgan Beckwith Millie in the studio

Morgan Beckwith Guerra Paint

 Kremer is a great company for raw pigments and other classic artists mediums. Things from nice sun thickened linseed oil to new conservators varnishes.

Michael Harding makes beautiful and pure oil paints. and even offers Cremnitz White made with Walnut Oil. They also sell a wonderful color chart of the pigments they offer.

Willamsburg also makes lovely oil paints and different company’s offer some different pigments. This company is also owned by Golden a extremely trusted company by conservators.

Golden is a wonderful resource for people who like/need acrylic paints, mediums and varnishes. They offer an array of consistencies and mediums.

Guerra Paint is a newer company to me but having visited I was really impressed with their pigment selection and their knowledge of what pigments and what they are most suited to, is murals picture paintings ect. What is most interesting about the company for me is them offering pigments pr-suspended in water, (and oils) extremely helpful for artists working in egg tempera or whatever media one would rather mix their own paints!

R&F is the best company for encaustic paints. They are really helpful as a staff, they are always making new colors and their products are just top notch. They also offer the most lushes oil sticks you have ever see.

AMIEN has great resources for questions about all kinds of media. There are forums where people have posted questions about things they would like to experiment with and answers seem to be posted quite quickly.

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